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stained glass

The windows glow as the sun streams through.

The soft beauty of lapis lazuli, aventurine, emerald and amber

Sets my soul at peace.

Arches and diamonds adorn the stained glass windows

That send their colors across my mind,

Easing my fears and worries.

I look from the windows to the simple cross and the glowing candles

And know that I am home.

–Jenny Munro



Stained glass window
Stained glass window









Autumn by Jenny Munro
Autumn by Jenny Munro

Autumn is a melancholy season

Or so the poets say.

I don’t agree.

It’s not a sad and somber time.

Fall is a gush of vivid color – red, yellow, orange and gold

Along with the differing hues of the evergreens that make their home

In my mountains – the pine, spruce, hemlock and rhododendron.

No, autumn isn’t the season of dying and death.

It’s a time when the trees and earth sink into sleep, their long winter’s nap.

That sleep strengthens the world; the seasons change and the earth awakes.

Rebirth surges with the vibrant new life, the fresh tenderness, of spring.

Autumn isn’t melancholy; it’s part of the dance of life.

– Jenny Munro