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A Cosmic Shift, the Divine Mother, and a Novel Idea

Most remember back in 2012 before the Mayan calendar ended, some predicted an apocalypse (humans’ first response is usually to be afraid of anything they don’t understand). I didn’t pay it much mind, already living through other apocalyptic scares, Y2K among them. 

But what I didn’t know would surprise me later. Many said 2012 wasn’t actually the end of the world, but the beginning of a “feminine shift” in world consciousness, ushering in a new age of unity, open communication and compassion toward Mother Earth.

In the summer of 2012, clueless about any feminine shift, I awoke in the middle of the night with an idea for a short story: “What if women ruled the world?”

As I got to writing, I realized it was more than a short story, and it grew into a full-sized novel. Finally, in 2017, my wife told me about this feminine shift in consciousness that was supposed to begin in 2012, right when I started the book. 

It made me start to wonder, “Did I write the book, or did the book write me?”

Quandaries aside, the idea behind this predicted cosmic change in consciousness is that Earth has reached a tipping point due to mankind’s aggression and greed, but will be saved by restoring the values of the once banished Divine Mother, realizing it’s our only choice for survival. 

The story I wrote eventually became The Last Leader, featuring a female president who represents the rise in female power, fierce at first to match the aggressive levels of masculine energies. The story wrestles with such themes against a futuristic backdrop, delving into the effect of this shift on men, and glimpsing the possibility of ultimate balance.

As we look out at a world polluted by the excesses of humanity, we see a desperate need to restore the values of the Divine Mother, by showing compassion toward our planet and each other, standing down injustice and using intuition to solve what may seem unsolvable.

Since 2012, there are signs of the shift both real and imagined: On a large scale, 2018 became the “Year of the Woman” with a record number of 117 women sent to Congress, many focused on healing Mother Earth. On a small scale, in 2019, I published my first novel that asked the question, “What if women ruled the world?”

Link for more info about the book is here:

the last leader

Excerpt from The Last Leader (Chapter 13) by Joe Moody

The Milky Way marched toward the moon like a procession of candle bearers. Atop the Pink House, the face of the moon reflected upon the glassy surface of a koi pond. A sobbing, swooning tune radiated from a golden harp.

Emperia strummed the harp with eyes closed, creating melodies of pining and regret. She wore a silk gown inspired by the American flag, with silvery stars and red stripes draped down her leg. White flowers adorned her hair like a crown.

Deliberately, her fingers swept the strings as the despondent dirge took form. She swooped up the scale as the pace quickened, plucking with rapid-fire precision, stomping the harp’s pedals like weapons of war. At the climax, the pond’s surface rippled in cascading circles, and the koi jumped and danced. Finally, with a gentle sweep of the strings, she drifted down to the resolution where chords lingered like clouds. The pond became still again as she returned to the melancholic opening, notes evoking deep violet and blood red hues that gave the moon its howling face.

When she stopped playing, she gazed skyward, her powderwhite skin glowed under the stars. Her red lips quivered as she whispered. “My father, why did you leave me?”

Only silence answered, until the gentlemanly voice of Vincent lifted the mood. “Pardon me, Madam President.” He stood in the arched gateway of the rooftop garden in his metallic tuxedo. “I bring good news.”

The presence of her robotic confidant pierced through her inner fog like a sunbeam. “Yes, Vincent?”

“We made progress in our search for the rebels. Underwater drones tracked an unidentified submarine that made a brief stop at an island in the Caribbean Sea. There is a high probability we located our runaway vice president, and perhaps a rebel base too.”

Emperia’s gaze sharpened. All sadness left her body. Confidence bloomed in her expression. She stood up from the harp, straight as a pillar, clasping her hands. “Prepare three warships. Let’s show the world what happens to traitors.”