clouds around the blue ridge mountains by Jenny Munro
water wheel in the woods by Jenny Munro
stained glass by Jenny Munro
autumn by Jenny Munro
time by Jenny Munro
mary grace by Jenny Munro
call of the wild rose by Nan Lundeen
dance of the swallowtails by Nan Lundeen
the wheel turns by Nan Lundeen
groundhog day in august by Nan Lundeen
the sign says by Mary Ellen Lives
odd number by Chris Thackston
dam by K. Gail McAbee
river watching by M.M. Griffin
whitewater by the mill by Marjorie Garrett
summer solstice tree by R. J. DeKett
sunset, clouds and silhouette by Jenny Munro
creative hands by Jenny Munro
best of times photo by Adamy D. Diaz
journey photo by Adamy D. Diaz