each day is a new one by J. D.
on the occasion of my 60th birthday (and pending financial poverty) by J. D.
wondering by Josette Davidson
the night by Josette Davidson
a prayer by Josette Davidson
the duck by Jenny Munro
ninety nine by Jenny Munro
ice storm by Nan Lundeen
she of many names by Nan Lundeen
winter solstice tree by Nan Lundeen
seeing by Traci Barr
I Give Thanks by Nan Lundeen
psalm by M.M. Griffin
stardust by Jenny Munro
autumn leaves in florida by Jenny Munro
pretty please by Carolyn Rice
strawberry pleasures by Carolyn Rice
peacock display by Carolyn Rice
lost by Carolyn Rice
defining box by Carolyn Rice
the season by Jenny Munro
she knows them all by Jenny Munro
covered dishes by Traci Barr
verna by Traci Barr
she survived by Jenny Munro
stained glass by Jenny Munro
the typist by Jenny Munro
psalm of pain and hope by Jenny Munro
autumn by Jenny Munro
time by Jenny Munro
mary grace by Jenny Munro
lilith by J. D.
after reading annie dillard by J. D.
july by J. D.
november 26, 2012 by J. D.
dance of the swallowtails by Nan Lundeen
the wheel turns by Nan Lundeen
my mother's hands by Jenny Munro
my place by Jenny Munro
shooting stars by Adamy D. Diaz
handful of hoppy toad by April Moseley
building memories by Jenny Munro
groundhog day in august by Nan Lundeen
the sign says by Mary Ellen Lives
odd number by Chris Thackston
dam by K. Gail McAbee
river watching by M.M. Griffin
whitewater by the mill by Marjorie Garrett
are you ready? by Jenny Munro
i am by Jenny Munro
to mark: forever 6 by Jenny Munro
do i have to wear pantyhose? by Nan Lundeen
best of times by Adamy D. Diaz
journey by Adamy D. Diaz
crate by Nan Lundeen
birches by Nan Lundeen
companion by Nan Lundeen
last mother by Nan Lundeen
falling into night by Nan Lundeen