the end is in sight!

art copyright Cynthia Morgan
art copyright Cynthia Morgan


Hi! I’m Nan Lundeen’s Moos. We have been very busy, she and I, rewriting and editing our handbook, Moo of Writing: How to Milk Your Potential. She asked me if I’m familiar with the concept of eternity. I was not until she explained that’s how long this end process is taking. We started the final rewrite/edit in August of 2013. The Spartanburg Chapter of the SC Writers Workshop critiqued it chapter by chapter. Whew! Then, the Moo critique group in Greer critiqued the rewrite chapter by chapter. Then her friend, Mary Ellen Lives, critiqued the whole book again. In between, Nan published her book, Black Dirt Days: Poems as Memoir (after tons and tons of proofing and correcting). Nan’s husband, Ron DeKett, read Moo rewrites until the cows came home! We were getting mighty tired of the process. Good thing I’m a laid-back cow and able to nap while Nan works. She woke me yesterday to tell me she’s sent the final-final-final-revised-revised-revised ms. to John Adam Wickliffe, our computer guru, who designs, paginates, and does all sorts of useful stuff to get it off to CreateSpace, our print-on-demand publisher. Goodness only knows how many proofs from CreateSpace Nan will read before she finally launches this handbook at Joe’s Place in Greenville. I’ll keep you posted. Oh, and she says thanks very, very, very much to all the critiquers! Please leave us a comment. Adamy Damaris Diaz of Artistik Dreamlife, our talented administrator of this site, has changed the rules so folks can comment without registering. We’d all like to know if that works. Moo.

24 thoughts on “the end is in sight!”

  1. I think I’d enjoy being one of your relaxed cows. Since I’m not, I can’t wait until The Moo of Writing is available. Congrats on nearing the end of this journey. I was happy to be a little part of the process.

    1. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. I can’t wait to try the Moo of Writing process again, myself. With all this editing and rewriting, I haven’t relaxed and created anything new for too long. As I was rewriting, I was thinking what fun it would be to take my own advice. πŸ™‚

  2. Nan,
    So proud of you and all you have and will continue to accomplish. I am thrilled you are almost done! I know it has been a long road. Excellent job. Can’t wait to get my copy. Congratulations, friend.

  3. Congratulations, Nan! Sounds like a lot of work, but I’m sure the final product will be well worth it.

  4. Wow! This is wonderful news. Considering how good the book was to begin with I can only imagine how fantastic it is now. I really it need it, too. I’m stuck in my own rewrite whirlpool. It will be nice to spin out and write something new. Congratulations on this milestone.

    1. Mel, “rewrite whirlpool” is an apt description. Let’s make a pact to spin out. I wish I could split my focus between rewriting and creating something new. Are you able to do that?

  5. Way to go Nan! What an exhausting amount of work but worth it in the end. Congratulations!

    1. Yes, Suzanne, tedious at times, but I work on my laptop in a cozy chair covered with a quilt my grandmother made for me when I was a kid, so it’s a lovely escape.

  6. Way to go, Nan! I look forward to reading your book. Kudos to the fine support staff you have as well. I’m sure the finished product will be a testament to your hard work. Cheers!

  7. I am contented as a cow that the hard work of getting your book to press is almost done. And now for the GLORY! So proud of you and happy for you, sweet Nan.

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