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a holiday anthology from hub city press

Josette Williams Davison reads from Imagine a Snowflake
Josette Williams Davison reads from Imagine a Snowflake

Josette Williams Davison’s kids post themselves at windows reporting, “No snow yet, Mama, only leaves falling.” Bertice Teague Robinson writes of evergreens, clementines, country ham and memories of the young and old as her family gathers before the hearth of her rambling Southern home. Crystal Tennille Irby remembers the powerful and the holy present as Black church women teach their children how to honor the Christ Child. And Susan A. Sistare celebrates what she calls her “Hannumas House,” her home where people play dreidel games, light the menorah, eat latkes and Christmas cookies and enjoy her Christmas trees. These stories and more by 34 Spartanburg, South Carolina, writers are found in Hub for the Holidays: Spartanburg Writers on Christmas newly published by Hub City Press. Their sharing is a wonderful way to build community. Congratulations to the writers and this nonprofit press for a fun and meaningful anthology. Visit Hub City. org.

green pastures for artists and writers

We are building a community of artists and writers who practice a creative process based on relaxation. We find that deep breathing, relaxing exercise, such as yoga or walking outdoors, free writing, and meditation beckon artistic expressions in words and images from our unconscious minds onto the page. We welcome your ideas and your creative pursuits. This is a place of sharing, a place to honor ourselves and each other with offerings of the heart.

Photo by: Ron DeKett
Nan Lundeen
Photo by: Ron DeKett


“Cows are Zen masters. They’ve been known to utter the sound that is spelled mu rather than moo. Mu is a Zen koan, a phrase or a question that leads to contemplation. In writing, you relax and you work hard.  Mu invites you to step aside and get out of your own way. When you stay out of your way, you find your way.”
— Nan Lundeen, Moo of Writing: How to Milk Your Potential, www.nanlundeen.com


share, explore, hang out, be inspired, come on in and Moo around…