by Josette Davison


Through fields of tiny flowers

Mindful not to tread on them

I wonder…does God hear me?

Hear my prayer?


Why am I here?

Stumbling over stones

His answer comes

In a trinity of bright violets

Blooming midst the rocks


In the whisper of trees

In bird song — in scented air

He speaks to me

Answers my prayer

I hear — I care —

2 thoughts on “wondering”

  1. Three beautiful expressions of hope’s resurgence through shock and despair. Love’s defeat of bitterness, especially through reassurance of God’s love through nature really hit home with me. Thank you, Jo, for your willingness to share feelings so close to the bone.

  2. Very lovely to read some things that you have written. To “open a can of worms” I am Claudia Coster Schwab. I am remembering the day we said goodby in my living room in Spartanburg. I think that Kathleen and Lori (sp) never had an opportunity to maintain their friendship. I suppose that was just one of the good things in life that does not get to fulfill itself. I have a Christmas card you sent us, I guess about 55 years ago. And a Chriatmas hand painted object that survives in my possession. Oh life

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