the wheel turns

falling water by nan lundeen
falling water by nan lundeen
summer slides
into fall
like dreams of you
when we were young
water falls
past my lens
like weeping trees
lonesome for spring
water sings
with promise
like our marriage
a gentle tune
–Nan Lundeen


2 thoughts on “the wheel turns”

  1. Beautiful, Nan. Really sweet.
    What kind of poem is it? I noted the repetition of syllables, 3-3-4-4. Is that something you just felt was right or is it a form?
    As for my Muse – she’s been on vacation for some weeks now. I don’t know where to find her.

    1. It’s a syllabic poem, you’re right. Each stanza repeats the number of syllables in the previous stanza line by line. I didn’t know the poem wanted to take that form until it started coming to me. I’ll be putting audio meditations on this site soon. Maybe they will help you lure your Muse. I hope so.

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