a conversation in a bar

standing cowIt’s a joy to bring you a second short story by the talented Mary Ellen Lives. She turns her gaze on a lifetime relationship squirming under the microscope of the Vietnam War. Come sit on a bar stool at the local VFW and listen in on a revealing conversation between Bulldog, Johnnie, and a stranger. Please register on our site so that you can comment. We’d love to hear your feedback, and we promise not to share your email address with anyone. Click here: “The Day He Lied.”

extraordinary ordinary people

grazing laying down cowExtraordinary ordinary people let their talent shine this morning during the Poetry in the Park class I led at the Middle Tyger Library in Lyman, SC. We spent the first hour of the class talking about poetry and the second half, writing poetry. Participants walked outside to mosey about in the wooded park on a busy, rumbling river—the library’s setting. There they observed and mused and “found” poems they came back to class and shared. They blew me away! Every one of the six participants wrote a meaningful poem very much worth sharing. I’ve invited them to submit their Poetry in the Park poems to mooingaround.com. I hope we’ll be able to share them here soon.

a magical tree

Sit with me on a rock beside the Pacolet, a sparkling North Carolina mountain stream rippling along under a summer solstice sun. We wait for my husband, Ron DeKett, who has set up his tripod and applies his artistic eye to photograph a moment of beauty. Sit still and look. Do you see it? Across the stream, a single tiny tree rises from a mossy block. Click to see Ron’s photo and read my poem, “Summer Solstice Tree.”

the weight of mercy crackles with honesty

If you want a captivating read, settle in with Deb Richardson-Moore’s book, The Weight of Mercy: A Novice Pastor on the City Streets. This book and Deb’s work deserve many accolades, but as a writer, I want to praise the quality of her writing. It’s honest, thought-provoking, and mesmerizing. Who would have thought a memoir about a pastor’s first three years working with the homeless, the addicted, the disadvantaged—about a pastor who tramps under bridges and climbs through holes in walls to reach our neighbors where they subsist—would be a page-turner. Well, it is! You can buy it in the Greenville, SC, area at Fiction Addiction, Triune Mercy Center, 10,000 Villages, Gage’s, The Cafe at Williams Hardware, Mr. K’s and other local outlets. Or you can order it on Amazon.

Click here to read the prologue and an excerpt from the first chapter of the weight of mercy.